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  1. “UK Composite Strategies 2009 and 2016 – Lessons Learnt.”
    Dr Faye Smith Jan 2017.
    Download pdf here  (2.5Mb)
  2. “The Use of Composites in Aerospace: Past, Present and Future Challenges.”
    Dr Faye Smith July 2016.
    An update to the presentation given in 2012.
    Download pdf here (3Mb)
  3. “Automotive Composites – Challenges and UK Position”
    Dr Faye Smith May 2015.
    A presentation given at the Composites UK Automotive Sector Showcase.
    Download here.. (2.2Mb)
  4. “Lessons Learnt from the Development and Implementation of a Composites Strategy in the UK.”
    Dr Faye Smith. Dec 2012.
    A presentation describing the work involved in developing and starting implementation of the UK Composites Strategy and the lessons that have been learnt from the process.
    Download pdf here. (1.4Mb)
  5. “Restructuring Science and Engineering Research Support in the UK”
    Prof Paul Hogg. Dec 2012.
    A presentation outlining the strategic changes that have been made to measurement (e.g. RAE and REF) and funding of science and engineering research to facilitate conversion of excellent innovation capability into commercial product.
    Download pdf here. (3.2Mb)
  6. “The Use of composites in aerospace: Past, present and future challenges.”
    Dr Faye Smith. 2012.
    A presentation describing the increase in use of composite aerostructures over the last 40 years and outlining the current and future challenges and opportunities.
    Download pdf here. (3.2Mb)
  7. “The UK’s Advanced Materials Sector – High Material Value.”
    Dr Faye Smith 2010.
    A presentation outlining the challenges facing the materials sector and the UK’s strengths and support structure in this technology that impacts on many industry sectors.
    Download pdf here. (1.3Mb)
  8. “Composite manufacturing development for wind turbine blades.”
    Dr Faye Smith April 2010.
    An introductory description of the UK energy policy and the renewables potential, followed by a focus on composites – production methods trends, the UK composites strategy and wind-energy focused research projects.
    Download pdf here. (2.1Mb)
  9. “R&D in Advanced Engineering in the UK – Support and Examples.”
    Dr Faye Smith 2010.
    A presentation describing the wealth of engineering R&D activity in the UK, the funding streams available at the time (2010) and providing examples of research projects in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors.
    Download pdf here. (3.7Mb)
  10. “The Role of Materials in Creating a Sustainable Economy.”
    Prof Paul Hogg 2004.
    A presentation that outlines the challenges the world faces in terms of sustainable development and presents the role of materials in tackling this challenge through; mimising pollution, conservation of resources and maximising clean energy supply and use.
    Download here. (3.2Mb)