National Composite Materials Centre

Is your company interested in the development of improved or new materials for composites? If so, read on to hear about a proposal to support this vital area.

The Ask:
The CLF believes, as part of the work in delivering the UK Composites Strategy, it has identified a potential market failure to be addressed as part of a Composites Sector Deal. Success is dependent on industry stepping up to support and back this proposal. Please read the description below and if you want to know more, or want to discuss support (of any kind) please contact us.

The Market Opportunity:
A growth in UK-based composite product production from £2.3bn in 2015 to £12.5bn in 2030.UK market figures

The Market Failure:
Achieving the predicted growth requires development of a UK supply chain that can produce composites cost effectively at higher rate. Until now support has been focused on development of capability and capacity in cost effective composite processing technologies. This proposal aims to address the lack of research and supply chain capability in development and production of cost effective materials.

 The Proposal:
A team is working to understand UK industry’s future requirements in the areas shown below and map existing support. This will allow development of a proposal to fill the gaps in support required (e.g. access to kit and funding) as part of the Composites Sector Deal.NCMC schematic April 2017 v2To be involved in this process and ensure the proposed support benefits you get in touch.


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