The following are open access documents that we have either had input to, or have found to be useful sources of information.

UK Composites Strategy 2016.

UK Composites Supply Chain Information.

Documents published by BIS as part of the UK Composites Strategy, November 2009.

Composites Foresighting Documents.

National Composites Network (NCN) Documents.

The NCN produced a variety of technical documents which can be accessed through the links below.

Industry sector roadmaps.
NCN Roadmap Composites in Aerospace
NCN Roadmap Composites in Automotive
NCN Roadmap Composites in Marine
NCN Best Practice Technical Textiles
NCN Roadmap MMCs

Best Practice Guides.
NCN Best Practice Composite Standards
NCN Best Practice Design Guide
NCN Best Practice End of Life Options
NCN Best Practice NDT
NCN Best Practice Repair