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Lessons Learnt from the Development of the UK Composites Strategy

Three years after the launch of the UK Composites Strategy, we look back to see what lessons we can learn from the process.

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Ensuring UK Support for Research Delivers Benefit

Significant changes have been made to the support provided to UK science and engineering research to facilitate delivery of commercial benefit from the high levels of innovation in the UK.

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Use of Composites in Aerostructures

Find out why the use of composites in aerostructures has increased dramatically recently and what the future challenges are as a result.

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Renewable Energy, Wind Turbines and Composite Manufacture – a UK Focus

Want to understand how UK Energy Policy is driving research in composite manufacturing technologies?

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The UK’s Strength in Engineering R&D

Want to know more about the UK’s excellence in engineering R&D?

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The Role of Materials in Creating a Sustainable Economy

See what the view was in 2004 about what role materials could play in creating a sustainable economy.

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